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It’s Dec 27th and I am At the Gatwick Airport.
It has been almost two and half years since I first came to Iceland. Nervous, scared, naive, with bad language skills that got me many times into some kind of trouble, but also to many hilarious moments… I came to Iceland as an Au Pair and was sure I would go back home after 8 or 9 months, because I had to go to university. Well, after all, I didn’t really have to go anywhere and I had some opportunities in Iceland, in the weird town of GrindavĂ­k, so I stayed longer. Long enough to become part of the community, one of the locals, find new friends, family, home…

I do love Iceland, GrindavĂ­k and Icelandic people and they kind of feel like my folks. But all the time I was there I felt strong urge to leave. The only problem was that I didn’t know where to go and why.

One day my friend told me about his plan to get Working Holiday Visa to New Zealand and asked me to come with him. I didn’t think about it too much, because I was quite skeptic and thought I wouldn’t get the visa. So we applied and shit happened, again, I got the visa! Hurray!!! But my friend didn’t. It was really odd. It was his idea, his dream and now I am going without him. Well, it’s how it is and I am going to freakin’ New Zealand. Within 40 hours I will be landing in Auckland.

The time in Iceland gave me a lot more than I could ever think. And it wasn’t always good experience. But I am thankful especially for the bad things, it made me a lot stronger and I know much more about myself.
I am happy that I have met so many great people who have always been there for me and I know I can always rely on them. Oh boy… all the memories.

“If there is someone to miss,

you know it’s right.”

Thank you, Iceland. Thank you, GrindavĂ­k. You’ll always be in my heart.

















Thanks for reading. I am editing video for you right now, stay updated ❤


One comment on “Leaving Iceland. What now?

  1. Sigga Maya says:

    Thsk you for all the lovely memories


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