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Oh yum. I am playing with the idea of building my career on this 🤭🙈😍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #coffee #latteart #barista #baristalife
Want the summer!!! After over 2 yrs in Iceland, I wouldn't believe I'd want the hot summer back... but I do! 😍 #newzealand #kapiti #kapitiisland #nofilter #island #ocean #bluesky #heaven #summervibes
It must be love...
New post on my blog. About my days in last weeks. It hasn't been easy and it hasn't been fun. But it's over for now and I am back to normal life with a smile on my face :) #fiordland #newzealand #mountains #fog #coulds #naturephotography #darkness #anxiety #hellodarknessmyoldfriend #iamnotyourfriend
Totally in love with nature 😍 #naturephotography #nature #sand #color #newzealand #splitapplerock
Roys Peak. Wanaka. New Zealand. For this view I climbed 4,5 hours. It was a hell. After 1st hour, I stopped, in pain, with bad blisters, out of breathe, out of motivation. #nojosedlotoneni I can't walk in my shoes on anymore, I realized, and decided to go back. I didn't want to fight. I suck in it. So I opened my backpack, took out my snack, started to eat and feel very upset. I texted my @tacianek and she told me, that I shouldn't bully myself. She was right. I kept sitting there in thoughts and told myself, that I can at least try. I don't have to go all the way up, if I won't feel like it. I can always go back. I started heading to the top. Barefoot. Suddenly it wasn't too hard to walk. There were plenty of moments when I thought I can't walk anymore... then I asked myself: "Ok, can you make 20 more steps?" "Well, 20 steps? Yeah, I can make 20 steps." So I did. And again, again, again... and I made it to the top. Did the fact, that I made it to the top, make me feel any different? No. But the journey did. #it'sallaboutthejourneynotthedestination #wanaka #royspeak #newzealand #journey

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Over the New Year’s Eve, I’ve stayed in beautiful quiet Godley Head Park south of Christchurch. Instead of partying I decided to take a walk on the shore. It was supposed to be an easy track for up to two hours. The weather was nice. Cloudy and around 22°C. How happy I was later that I packed WATER and some snack with me.
So I hit the path and went to explore the nature.
After about an hour wandering around, I saw this…


I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was so beautiful, so I sat down and watch the trees for a long while. I could see there was a gate. I had to enter the area. I pictured a tiny beautiful beach with the little tropical forest in back. And then…




“What the hell is this place?” was I wondering. “Is this a joke?”


I couldn’t really tell if it was the ugliest or the prettiest place I’ve seen in last days. It was so obscure and awkward.






It was hard to make some sense out of this place. First of all, I was really surprised there were any houses at all because the place was nearly an hour far from any road and the path is quite rough to walk every time you need to leave the house. So only way, how to get there would be by a boat. Later I found out, there have been summer houses since the WW2 and you can even rent some of them on Airbnb. 🙂

If you happened to be around, come and take a look at this place!


Anyway, at that time, the clouds were gone and the temperature with rising quickly. Frankly, I started to panic a bit because I didn’t have a sunscreen on, a limited supply of water, the path was getting harder and harder and I just arrived from cold Iceland. 😀 And on a top of everything, I went off the track. After a while of pointless walking there and back, I went a bit further to the Taylors Mistake, to take a break and find a water. And there was another surprise. A beach. Full of surfers. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my swimsuit with me. There were a cold shower and water fountain though. That felt like a heaven 😀


I returned to my car alive though sunburnt as hell. Have you ever burnt your ears? No? Well, it’s annoying.


Later. Have a good one!

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