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Hello, my dear friends.

In the end of December, I landed in Auckland, had a guest house booked for 5 nights and planned to stay there for a couple of days or weeks and buy a car. There are many ways how to find a car and to buy it is actually very easy. You can search for your vehicle online on Trade me, Turners etc. or simply go to Car Fair and choose some. Anyone who wants to sell his car will just bring it there and you get the chance to try it in action.


I expected to need at least 10 days to find the perfect car for my travels and to make it comfortable to live in. After 3 days on my way to New Zealand, I arrived late in the evening to the guest house in quiet part of Auckland, had some dinner, laid in the bad, scrolled through my facebook and then it was there! The perfect car! Nissan R’nessa, with bed and all equipment. I wouldn’t have to buy an extra thing, and the price was great because the owners were leaving NZ within 2 days. The only problem was that it was in more than 1000 km distant Christchurch. That sucks, I thought, I can’t buy it if it’s in Christchurch. I couldn’t imagine a better deal. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but there was no way I could shut my brain off. Then it hit me right in my face. I will fly over to Christchurch to get the car. I can get it 500 NZD cheaper, because the folks have to sell, no matter what. Then, even if I lose the money for the accommodation in Auckland and pay for the flight ticket, the deal will still be superb. I grabbed my phone, sent them a text and went to sleep. In the morning we had a deal. In less than 24 hours in NZ, I managed to get my car. Dream. My journey can start, I was super happy.



For a couple of days, I was wandering around Christchurch, enjoying my new car and exploring the city. The weather was amazing and I was thinking about my slackline a lot, really wanted to buy one ASAP. So I went to the local outdoor store to order it from Auckland and thought it will arrive in Christchurch within 3 days. No. I was told it will be at least a week because it was just after Christmas. That did not make me happy. I just didn’t feel like spending so much time in any city. But I wanted the line, so I paid and started to make a plan for another week.


Christchurch is the biggest city in South Island with nearly 400 000 inhabitants. Nice place to stay over the weekend, four days maybe. But 10 days? Nah… 🙂 There are many cool things to see though and if you like street art, you’ll love it.

Botanic Gardens


If you will ask anyone for some tips what to do in Christchurch, almost everyone will send you here. It’s a good spot to spend an afternoon. (Wish I had my slackline when I was there.) If you happen to be around on Sunday, take a couple of beers and snacks, join the Lazy Sundays and listen to a live music for free.

185 Empty Chairs


This temporary art installation reminds the loss of lives during the Canterbury earthquakes in February 2011. Every chair has its own shape and size, representing the singularity of each victim. Very touching.

C1 Espresso

Vintage Café in an old post office, where your meal will be delivered through pneumatic tubes. Highly recommended.

Container Mall


Another very cool place. Street market with shops in containers. Stop here to buy a souvenir and have a quick lunch. You can get burgers, bratwurst, sushi, try out some Lebanese and Mediterranean meals or just grab a cup of coffee.

International Antarctic Center

Are you in Christchurch and it rains? Then just visit Antarctica. In your flip-flops. Take a ride in the Hagglund, visit the 4D cinema, take a peek at the Antarctic Gallery or experience an Antarctic storm (if you have experienced Icelandic weather, disappointment guaranteed :D). Note, that the Antarctica Center has Little Blue Penguins and husky dogs. Do not go there if you are not cool with this. I decided to give up on all my organized “penguin tours” after visiting this place and even though the center was really interesting and fun, this made me a little upset.

Adrenalin forest

Get out of the city and stretch your muscles in the Adrenalin Forest. There are 7 courses, starting at 1 meter off the ground, up to 20 meters in the treetops. You get 3 hours to finish as many courses as you can. Tip – bring a snack with you. The courses get harder as you go and you will need a lot of energy. I had to go down before the end because I was very tired and also very scared 😀

During my stay in Christchurch, I felt a bit lonely and decided to stay two nights in a hostel close to the center, to meet up some people. Such an idea! After all, I stayed 4 nights, because I met very nice folks with amazing characters and great stories. It was a group about 15 people and we went for a drink or just chill in the garden. This was the best experience from a hostel I’ve ever had. Thank you, guys. ❤

On Wednesday the 10th my slackline finally arrived and my journey could start. This time for real 🙂

Have a good one!

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