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Dunedin, the home of the steepest street in the world, a student city and a street art paradise. Dunedin, Dunedin. I do miss you. Not as much because of your bizarre charm as because of the memories I have.
I spent several days in Dunedin, even though I didn’t plan it at all. Upon the arrival, I thought the town was so eccentric and awkward and wasn’t sure what I should think about that place, but I was ready to give it a shot. And man, how I loved it! 🙂

There is something about Dunedin, that gives you a special feeling. Something that you can’t see, but you feel, it’s there, not knowing, what it really is. The city isn’t actually beautiful in the conventional meaning. But it’s got its magic and character, that’s even more obvious after wandering around and chatting to lovely local people.

I’d heard about the street art here before and planned a self-guided tour around the centre. You can get a map and read about the artists here. After few minutes of hopeless trying to find the right streets and directions, I gave up on my map and decided to just walk anywhere it felt right (the best way anyway :)). There are many masterpieces made by artists from all over the world. Take a peek… 😉















Otago Peninsula

The mostly hilly peninsula of volcanic origin is absolutely worth a day trip. It’s a perfect spot for the seal, sea lion and bird watching. Only New Zealand’s castle, Larnach Castle, is on the top of the peninsula. My friend and I just drove across this beautiful place, explored the nature, did some hikes, had a nice picnic with an amazing view and it was such a great day!



21 otago25

Tunnel beach

Tunnel beach is a stunning and spectacular place 7 km south from Dunedin. There is a beach, and there is a tunnel! Are you surprised?
Beach is accessible through a very steep path (we made it in flip-flops, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the cliffs can be very slippery). There are limestone tunnels and caves, and the beach are marvellous.




Tip: visit the Dog with two tails Cafe. The food and service are awesome, and there is often something going on!

Hope you’ve been enjoying my posts. Let me know in the comments below.
Have a great time!

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